Tea Party Protests IRS In St. Louis

Posted May 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Old folks – at least one using a walker, – no media, – but plenty of Federal Protective Service PoliceJanet Napolitano’s well-armed army… 

What part of our Constitution gives her an army – or a police force?  What kind of paranoia caused them to be ordered to ‘protect’ this IRS office?

5 Responses to “Tea Party Protests IRS In St. Louis”

  1. Tom

    I should have taken a picture, but, the same “Protective Service” was also “guarding” the JFK Building which is currently a construction site that is fenced on three sides. There was an assortment of the “usual suspects” with their signs, some very young patriots and a very good assortment of the media. With such short notice, a very representative group of concerned and patriotic citizens.

  2. CajunCountry

    FEDERAL PROTECTIVE SERVICE – Who are they protecting the Federal building I guess. When has the citizens of the Tea Party been violent unlike the liberal occupiers.

    If I was one of those officers, I think I would be very embarrassed. Does anyone know just how many Federal Protective Service officers We the Taxpayer employ?

  3. MC

    There appears to be more security force at this IRS building then there was available to Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.


  4. Kojack

    In the video as with the Tea Party events I have attended/assisted here in Lowell, MA I noticed there were very few young people present since most of them seem to be more interested in American Idol and Kim Kardashian. It’s no wonder then that most of them voted for the islamic marxist who is destroying the country and will leave them saddled with debt and with no jobs.

  5. Casey Chapman

    The young people have been indoctrinated instead of educated.