Tariffs? Chinese Trade War? BRING IT!

Posted June 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

For these past three decades – the Chinese have gotten used to dealing with American Presidents who were preoccupied with the Cold War,  Terrorism,  and getting re-elected.  Most recently,  Obama was our Biggest Pussy!

Trump is a new phenomena to them – and just like their useful idiot allies the Democrats,  – they haven’t figured him out yet.  But Trump has spent decades watching and studying them…..

To listen to the talking heads in the American left-wing media talk about ‘the dangers of a trade war with China’….you’d think they had a clue…

They don’t!  They have only a rudimentary and sophomoric understanding of the buzz-words,  – and they’re making a comfortable living in front of the TV cameras – – pretending they have a clue.

They don’t understand that the Chinese have always thought in the long term,  – and for them the LONG TERM means 50 – 150 years.   That’s why they shrug at the loss of 60,000,000 dead Chinese during and after the Red Revolution.

To them – such losses are just part of the equation….as is taking full advantage of stupid people.

So when American Manufactures were willing to move factories to China,  Mao made it an easy decision.  There would be NO UNION THUGS organizing strikes!  No Democrats complaining about “belching smokestacks” and passing new laws and creating new agencies to measure smoke output.

And within 10 years Americans were wearing cheap Chinese clothes.  Suddenly everybody could afford a spiffy looking suit – even three of them.

At first nobody noticed the mills and factories closing, the once-thriving manufacturing towns turning into drug-addicted welfare cesspools…

And when the breaks on your new car wore out after 30,000 miles,  – you opted for the cheaper ‘aftermarket’ breaks,…and did so again at 60,000 miles…

America and Europe were trading money for goods.  What the Chinese needed from us – technology and industrial secrets – they stole.

Bill Clinton gave them military technology for re-election cash.  Pussy was his priority – not patriotism.

But Trump understands that within China there is a very delicate balance between the expectations of the young Chinese and the Communist government’s ability to deliver a 21st Century lifestyle.

Any disruption of the Chinese Economy could bring down the Chinese Government – even split the country back into regional kingdoms.

So in the end they will agree with President Trump’s vision of China buying an equal amount of American goods….

.and they will hope he is not re-elected,…so they can get on with their 100-year plan to turn America into China’s rice bowl.

Let the Chinese be stubborn!   PLEASE!   Watch how fast American factories re-open!  Watch how fast Chinese factories close,  – and their workers spill into the streets…

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