Tall Deval Has Scott Brown Disease

Posted April 29th, 2018 by Iron Mike

A pro-life – pro-2A preacher from Western Mass just handed Charlie Baker a huge dose of Public Humiliation.   Tall Deval’s path to the West Wing must get past Scott Lively,  and the REAL Republicans are lined up behind Lively!

Just like Scott Brown 8 years agoCharlie Baker quickly abandoned the very voters who – (seeing him as the lesser evil than Martha Coakley) – held their noses in 2014.  He’s spent these past 3½ years validating our worst fears;  – he’s proved to be an arrogant condescending RiNO who won’t fight for Republican values.

In my lifetime few politicians have been a greater disappointment or delivered a more stinging betrayal than Scott Brown.

Within days of his arrival in DC he allowed the left-wing media to fill his head with FLATTERY – the cheapest way to buy the soul of a vain fool.   They told him he seemed like the next John Kennedy – and he believed it.

For his part,  John Kerry played young Scott like a cheap fiddle – and the two of them were constantly seen together.   Scott suddenly seemed to tune out the very voters who put him in office.  He was all about “reaching across the aisle”.

By 2012,  Conservatives, Republicans and TEA Party Patriots in Massachusetts knew we’d been betrayed – worse maybe – stabbed in the back.  On Election Day – November 6th – many stayed home,  – and the Squaw was elected.  Brown never saw it coming.

In 2014 – with Obama’s time in office and political clout all but gone,  Charlie Baker (a Mitt Romney minion) squeaked past Martha Coakley by a mere 40,000 votes – and only because while LibTurds loved Coakley, Patriots and gun-owners detested her.

Baker’s election was hobbled by a corrupt MassGOP convention which saw several Conservative candidates including Mark Fisher muscled out.  Who brings a shredder to a political convention?  That Romney-inspired stupidity cost the MassGOP $275K.

Baker had campaigned on being able to clean up several conspicuously dysfunctional Mass Departments,  – the DFC,  the Turnpike,  the State Police,  the RMV….

Some of this he has done, – but hardly enough.  Kids still die in DFC custody,  the State Police is one scandal after another,  and the RMV had massive computer problems just this past week.

He’s done nothing to re-instate the Death Penalty,  he’s allowed marijuana to become legal, encouraged sanctuary cities,  continued to allow gay curriculum in the schools,  done nothing to curtail Planned Murderhood,  and let the AG – Maura Healey run roughshod over our Second Amendment.

In other words, – he’s continued to run the state in the mode of Deval Patrick.   

His St. Patty’s Day selfie with the Squaw was a pretty nauseating spectacle.

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media – the Propaganda Ministry – continually runs articles proclaiming Baker as “the most popular governor in the land” – – a likely 2020 challenger to Trump.

Baker – who in 2016 was a conspicuous Never-Trumper,  does seem to have his eyes on the West Wing – as did Scott Brown.

What he’s lost touch with is the Conservative VOTERS of this state,  – who now loathe him as we did CoakleySmall Deval Lurch,  and the Squaw.

NOTHING would serve Charlie Baker more richly than a crushing defeat in the Primary! He’s done NOTHING to deserve a 2nd term! 

10 Responses to “Tall Deval Has Scott Brown Disease”

  1. Varvara

    You have to admit Scott Brown is better looking than Baker. But I am PO’d about Baker’s State Police and RMV and especially marijuana and the 2nd Amendment! When I met him he seemed that he was a good choice. Too bad it didn’t work out that way.


    >> Scott Brown is better looking than Baker

    Jeez Varvara – statements like that are exactly why we didn’t want women to have the vote!

  2. Vic

    they weren’t using paper ballots yesterday. The votes were done on an iPad, which used facial recognition technology plus a scanned QR code on your credentials. Your vote was also sent electronically to your email address, as a kind of receipt. No shredding was possible. I wonder how many votes Fisher really got 4 years ago?
    Meanwhile, Lively has opened up a second front. I think they will throw everything they have at the man, lawsuits, slander, investigations, you name it.


    Bet your ass by 2020 the Mouseketeer will have figured out a way to hack iPad votes….

  3. Joe Ureneck

    Anyone with eyes to see and wanted to use them knew what Scott Brown and Charlie Baker were all about before they were elected.

  4. Michael W Dane

    Yep and Jim Lyons and Shaunna O’Connell have jumped on the Baker train too.. So sorry to see this. I hope they all lose and fade into oblivion like Brown.

  5. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    We are watching I hope and pray the death of the Rinos in Massachusetts Politics. It has taken a long time and alot of Rino hunters from Christy Mihos to all the others but its finaly happening. All the Rinos have to be kicked out of the Ma Gop. Charlies plan to overthrow the State Committee was all part of his plan. Like the tuna commercial said “SORRY CHARLIE”.
    If you stand behind the Baker/Polito liberal plan for Massachusetts, We the true Republicans of Massachusetts are coming to throw you out of office. The Republican Revolution has Finally begun in Massachusetts. Thank you Dr Lively and Iron Mike and others who never stop fighting for the Values and Liberty of our Constitution and Republic.

  6. Joshua Norman

    Joe, I voted for the RINO Brown in 2012 because the GOP Establishment told me that he was electable.

    In 2014, I voted for Mark Fisher because I couldn’t vote for another RINO like Baker

    In 2018, I was the 1st of 626 delegates to vote for Lively via the religious absentee ballot.

    But what makes me happiest was getting you and Michael W Dane to come back to the GOP to vote for Lively too.

  7. Vince

    Right on Mike…for your info, the Hudson RTC delegates unanimously voted for Lively….


    You warm my heart and lift my soul! Tango Yankee!

  8. integrity 1st

    No one should be more aware of what an opportunity Scott Brown missed than Scott Brown. His short term opportunistic venture cost him the longer term opportunities. He had an entire country watching, if not helping him win that first election, and played right, would have had name recognition and support for a run at the Oval office. Shows how truly dumb and short sighted he really is. Idiot.

  9. Kojack

    “……Meanwhile the Mainstream Media – the Propaganda Ministry – continually runs articles proclaiming Baker as “the most popular governor in the land” – – a likely 2020 challenger to Trump.”

    “Baker – who in 2016 was a conspicuous Never-Trumper,  does seem to have his eyes on the West Wing – as did Scott Brown.”

    Outside of MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS, TALL DEVAL is a no-body. Like RiNO Brown, his ego is clouding his judgement

    “What he’s lost touch with is the Conservative VOTERS of this state,  – who now loathe him as we did Coakley,  Small Deval,  Lurch,  and the Squaw.”

    He will learn like Brown did that without us he ain’t goin’ anywhere.

  10. hddan

    Every time that I vote, I hold my nose and vote for whichever so called Republican is on the ballot. I always know that even if my candidate wins, we will still and up with a Dem0-rat in office. Every time! Sales tax Volpe, Edmund Rino Brooke, Bill Rino Weld, Willard Romney Rino, who doesn’t even go by his real first name. The closest person that I am seeing that is actually running as a Real Republican, is Jeff Diehl. Once again we will probably lose because of the straw candidate running against Liarwatha as the real Indian. I hope that if Mr. Diehl can pull it off, that he doesn’t go Rino on us. If I sound disgusted, it is because I am.