Taliban Terror Chiefs Will Haunt Obama

Posted March 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

They’re forever part of his legacy of treason!  Oh the irony, for the narcissist who wanted to go down in History as the “President who ENDED Bush’s Stupid Wars”.Obama's POW Swap Blunder
That feel-good Rose Garden make-believe photo-op moment has blown up in his face, – on the very same day President Hadi of Yemen had to evacuate by boat.

Obama can’t blame his flawed decision to swap 5 Taliban Terror Chiefs for a deserter on GW Bush.   Remember, when asked why he never consulted Congress [thus breaking the law] – he claimed FULL RESPONSIBILITY for making ‘the tough decision’.

Bergdahl Calley Medina

Now there will be a court-martial the equal of Captain Ernest Medina or Lt. William Calley, – only this time there are six (6) dead American paratroopers to be reckoned with – and their families.

Bergdahl's victims

The left-wingers will lament and protest on two fronts – that ‘this is all just to embarrass Obama’, – and that all war is evil and Bergdahl is just another traumatized ‘victim’.


Obama’s impetuous decision to make the swap won’t factor into the court-martial. His name is unlikely to even be mentioned.

And Bergdahl can’t claim to have been ‘traumatized’ by the war – when he asked his platoon leader for assistance mailing his computer and belongings home before he deserted.

His actions were deliberate, methodical, and premeditated.

Like in any trial,  Bergdahl will NOT be required to say a word – other than “Not guilty Your Honor”.

But if he offers to take the stand, – he will be required to answer ALL cross-examination questions – under oath, – and any lie can result in additional charges of perjury.

As of this writing, Bergdahl’s best hope is for a presidential pardon sometime before 20 January 2017.  If one comes before his conviction, – he ~ might ~ get to keep his back pay.

Real combat soldiers hate Bergdahl, – hate what he did, – and hate seeing him free to wander on and off post.   Still,  he will get a meticulously fair trial,  with a lot of press there to cover every detail.

NixonFYI, – after Calley’s murder conviction was overturned on technicalities,  – President Nixon eventually granted him a limited pardon in 1974 – shortly before he himself resigned.  

But with six (6) dead paratroopers in the equation,  Bergdahl is unlikely to see such a pardon.

Moreover,  Obama has a lifelong history of abandoning used friends and toys, – so Bergdahl is probably looking at 60+ years of confinement in the Federal Prison at Leavenworth.

Bergdahl Leavenworth

He can hope,…and pray,…that someday Obama will be sitting in there with him…

Seems only fair…

2 Responses to “Taliban Terror Chiefs Will Haunt Obama”

  1. Varvara

    The way I understand it, he told his ‘captures’ which way they would come looking for him. Hence, six dead American paratroopers.

  2. kojack

    Birdshit and his MUSLIM family were useful idiots in a thinly veiled POW swap scheme to cover the repatriation of the Taliban leadership. Obysmal and his moronic worshipers don’t give a rat’s ass about dead soldiers or (anyone else for that matter) except when it is not politically expedient.