Taliban Kill 84 Pakistan School Kids!

Posted December 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

UPDATE: Death toll rising to over 130…
Reports of kids forced to watch teachers being burned alive.

Attack aimed to demoralize Pakistan Army unit serving in the tribal areas – the school served the sons of soldiers.
Religion of Peace

The ‘Brave Soldiers of Allah’ used a suicide bomb and followed up by spraying automatic rifle fire, – killed 84 [more may die] – and wounding nearly as many.

These ‘Brave Warriors’ didn’t have the guts to attack the fathers…

– so they came and killed their sons…

And Dianne Feinstein is worried about water-boarding?

Peshawar Pakistan

I’m sure Muslims will be marching in outrage, – blocking bridges, interstates, and malls…

From Boko Haram in Africa, to ISIS in the Levant, – to the Taliban across the Hindu Kush – to a chocolate shop in Sydney, – to our Twin Towers,….

…can somebody remind me about all the wonderful advancements in Human Society that we can attribute to Islam…?

This is EXACTLY what bin Laden had hoped to set in motion.

Taliban kid killers

If America doesn’t elect a president in 2016 with the clear vision and the leadership to lead the world fight against radical Islam, – to hunt down and exterminate these extremists, – this kind of butchery will continue around the world for another 100 years.


Hillary wants to lead us in empathizing with their viewpoints.

Hillary what difference

4 Responses to “Taliban Kill 84 Pakistan School Kids!”

  1. Vic

    You know why there weren’t any Muslims on Star Trek? Because it’s set in the future!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    With the withdrawl of Western troops from Afghanistan, this type of wanton terror will be common place through Afghanistan and the Kush. This is how they will regain their absolute hold on this area again. The schools will disappear, the woman will be relegated to their subservient position and complete SW Asian area will return to its former Stone Age culture.

  3. Prim

    Where are those Peaceful members of the Muslim faith living in this country?

    Why are they not speaking out, stepping up to defend their fellow Peaceful Muslims against these atrocities?

    When will they take up arms in Islamic countries to fight these evil attacks?

    Where are they? They’re bitching about the Western cultures in the countries they’ve chosen to come to, and refused to assimilate on their own.

    Instead, they’re demanding we change our age old Christian traditions.

    Could you imagine what would happen if we moved to their country of origin and demanded the same?

  4. Walter Knight

    Pakistan is bringing back the death penalty for terrorism. It’s a bit late.