“Take Off Your Bedroom Slippers”?

Posted September 25th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Is it just me,…or is Obama talking down to Blacks?

6 Responses to ““Take Off Your Bedroom Slippers”?”

  1. Kathy

    He has to talk on the same level – in a manner they would understand. He should have said pull up your pants.

  2. Karen G

    It’s obvious he’ll say anything if it pops up on his teleprompter. If we could somehow get it to say “I hereby resign as president…”

  3. Flick

    We used to be ‘Mom and Apple Pie’. Now we’re ‘Tire Gauges and Bedroom Slippers’.

  4. Bubba BaBoom

    Pretty sure it’s just you that’s talking down to, uh, blacks.

  5. Carl

    It’s just you….

  6. Obama Lover

    Seemed like a good speech to me.
    – – – – – –

    Really? A speech delivered to the CBC – in which he uses stereotype pejoratives?

    BTW, welcome to RRB. Come back often!