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While the usual liberal voices are again evangelizing against GUNS,  – and in particular against those scary-looking “ASSAULT WEAPONS”,  – it seems the Broward County School Board’s 2013 decision helped lead to the Douglas High massacre. Once again a liberal feel-good decision has led to DEATH!

A Tale of Three Knives

October 17th, 2009

Three schools, three knives, and three kids made news this month. The one yesterday was tragic, the other two are just tragically stupid.

Knives don’t kill people. Guns don’t kill people. Rocks don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill people! School administrators need to use common sense and sound judgment when a Cub Scout brings in an eating utensil, or an Eagle Scout has a 2-inch knife locked in his car with his camping gear. Over-reaction, intransigence, and bureaucracy will not save student’s lives any more than the posting of Zero-Tolerance policies.