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Massachusetts has so many little towns and cities,  – it’s hard for the rich and famous to keep track of them all…. Worchester is out in the badlands – somewhere west of 128,  – at the end of a long winding dirt road. MassHole Dems are so screwed;  – they can pick from the lifelong […]

Your local school and/or your local Democrats will likely celebrate “Earth Day” today,  – usually with projects designed to promote awareness of how fragile Mother Nature is. They’re unlikely to tell your children about Ira Einhorn,  – or what happened to his girlfriend Holly Maddux….  Why would they? They want the fraud to live on.   They […]

It ~ may ~ have been the biggest crowd of patriots ever to assemble in Massachusetts – and nobody was demanding any free handouts!   Democrats must be terribly embarrassed this morning. I’ll let the video [below the fold] tell the story.

America’s Impeached Serial Horndog endorses Coakley – again. Because he’s such a champion of Women’s Issues!?! How badly can she be trailing,…and how stupid does she think Massachusetts Democrats are…?

NOTHING says “I care about Women’s Issues” louder than bringing in America’s HornDog – the serial predator, office romancer, adulterer, impeached liar and disbarred attorney – to come speak on your behalf. Just ask Congressman David Jolly from the Florida 13th CD – after Bubba came and fondled Democrat Alex Sink in public.

Watch as the Mayor of Worcester decries the complaints of pollwatchers as a racist event. He dismisses their conclusions and attacks them and their motives. Without proof or citation to support his claims. He contends that since they lost by a large margin they shouldn’t complain. I guess voter fraud is OK if you commit […]