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But women who understand her evil history will make better decisions,…EVEN if they’ve ‘waited all their lives for a woman president’… …so in this internet era,…how does one stay willfully stupid?

Contrast And Compare…

September 15th, 2015

CAUTION Hillary Fans:   Story and photos may induce PAIN and VOMITING! Decorah, Iowa to Dallas, Texas   – 200  vs  20,000.   OUCH! Hillary was at Luther College yesterday – attempting to mock Trump to an intimate gathering of some 200 followers… Trump spoke to an overflow crowd of 20,000 in Dallas.

Highly polished dance floor – but an Empty Room… Hillary came to Columbus, Ohio to flail at Donald Trump, – but most of the people listening were press people – paid to be there.

CAUTION! This WILL Gross You Out!

September 6th, 2015

A sickness has been spreading across the land – since 2008, – which infects bitter, frustrated, and angry women.  Hillary was to be their vindication and savior in 2008,  – but Obama pushed her aside – rudely.  Now these women are back with a fanatical religious fever. NONE of Hillary’s lies or treason will dissuade them. Yeah, […]

It was a spectacle to behold, – former Governor – now NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen –[ the one US Senator guaranteed to vote for whatever Obama wants]…stood with Hillary launching WOMEN for HILLARY! There were tears of joy running down Bill’s cheek…as he gazed into the crowd in search of future interns…. This new campaign […]