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She was Scott Walker’s LtGov for 8 years, – a former TV reporter and anchor, – and a one-time beauty queen, and cancer survivor.  She’s trying to unseat Tony Evers,  – the weakest wimp governor in the land.  We wish her good hunting! Libturds and Democraps the her – call her “Radical Rebecca” – because […]

This case will set precedent and have reverberations nationwide. At issue is the refusal of the Wisconsin Election Commission to remove from their rolls some 209,000 missing voters,  – until AFTER the 2020 election… The Judge just got VERY TOUGH with the Commission,  and with three Democrats on that Commission.

US Senator from Wisconsin – Tammy Baldwin has spent these last 24 of her 55 years on the US Government Payroll, – 20 as a Rep,  – and now 4? as a Senator.  She is both Gay and a “Progressive”,  – a graduate of Smith College. So far at least six (6) Republicans have lined […]

The self-righteous self-important ‘never-Trump’ RiNO assholes won’t be satisfied, (they never will be),  – but for voters who had legitimate doubts about how ‘presidential’ or how ‘serious’ Trump really is,  – last night should calm their fears…. He spoke directly to America’s Black communities and placed the blame squarely on 60+ years of Democrat Plantation Politics:  “Hillary […]

The contrast is noteworthy: Democrat insiders are stressed,  RiNOs are DELIGHTED! It means tons more money about to be poured into brutal TV advertising.

Our Very Very Angry pResident!

September 1st, 2014

Our National Disgrace went to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s state, – to the LaborFest in Madison, Wisconsin. Somehow the man who shows ZERO emotion over the death of a US Army General in Afghanistan, – a beheaded journalist in Syria, – or a US Marine held for months in a Mexican jail; – got himself […]

DEATH THREAT in Wisconsin

March 10th, 2011

The following is the text of an email death threat sent Wednesday to Republican Wisconsin State Senators.  Station WTMJ Milwaukee obtained the copy. The spelling and grammar errors are as they were sent. Perhaps the author was unaware he could be traced. I’m waiting to see if the MSM picks up and follows this story. […]

Doctor and Teacher Fraud

February 20th, 2011

Watch the video below… look for instances of: On the part of the doctor; 1. Conspiracy to commit fraud (falsifying medical documents) 2. Committing fraud (generating false medical documents) On the part of the teacher (someone entrusted to teach our children); 1. Using fraudulent documents to take government funds (using false medical documents to continue […]