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This back-stabbing RiNO (stealth Democrat) was censured by the MassGOP for endorsing Obama….and he now thinks you’re too stupid to know, – or too preoccupied to care. Changing your party is just a slip of paper at Town Hall you slimy rat bastard; – changing your self-serving anti-Trump politics is something you’ll never accomplish.

These two back-stabbing Democraps are smiling,  – because they’ve fooled the voters of Marxachusetts – time-and-time again!  

The betrayals and back-stabbings never seem to end….William ‘RiNO’ Weld, – who endorsed Obama in ’08, – endorses John Kasich – “. …a born executive”… At RRB we’re surprised he didn’t endorse Bernie…         POS!

OMG!    What a ‘Surprise’!    Not! Bill Weld is the PERFECT Democrat,   a totally transparent RiNO, – and not even a smidgen of a Republican.  The best words to describe him are “Self-serving opportunist”.

If you’re new to Massachusetts politics,  here’s a classic example why the ‘Establishment GOP’ gets zero respect from Conservatives. Note how totally bored he appears; – he already knows the outcome of the voting.