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Everything is the fault of Comey,  WikiLeaks,  and that damned Electoral College. How about Benghazi,  Vince Foster,  your cheating husband,  your $100 Million Arab slush fund,  your lying under oath to Congress,   your lying to cover Bill’s escapades, Whitewater,  Cattle Futures,  the White House Travel Agency…?

The Australian troublemaker recently compared himself to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower…. CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls him out – as a narcissist,  backed by Russia.  Eight minutes of the bluntest talk you’ve ever heard…

Why Is There Always An Asshole?

November 6th, 2016

A case of “He said / They said”?   Austyn Crites,  we say you’re an ASSHOLE! Maybe we’ll never know if he was paid by the Clintons to disrupt the Trump rally last night,  – or if he is just an attention-grabbing lone wolf…..

The so-called “conservative” Boston paper seems to have joined the Clinton Cartel in ignoring the stories about the fixed debates and what is in the leaked emails…. They must think we are as STUPID as the Globe does….

They dump the ugly shrew and promote a trusted house servant to fill in – however briefly. They JUST want a female face – so even an ignorant one will do.

Sex Change Hormones For A Traitor

February 13th, 2015

In this Brave New Obama World,  WikiLeaks Traitor Bradley Manning, – serving 35 years for treason at Leavenworth, – will start getting sex-change hormones. Bradley became Chelsea Elizabeth Manning last April – by court order. Now the Army [we taxpayers] has to pay for Chelsea’s hormone therapy, – so ‘she’ can complete her transition to […]

In under two years Barack Hussein Obama Jr has completed one of his lifetime quests.  He has reduced the once-respected, powerful and free-world leading United States to a pathetic laughing stock.  Ironically, he didn’t have to actually do anything.  He just sat by and let the events unfold.   Julian Assange and WiliLeaks is dumping […]

If Only OBummer Had Some Hair

August 15th, 2010

Hillary ran an ad in 2008 about  the 3 AM phone call.  Obama is ignoring the ringing.  He isn’t ready to be Commander-in-Chief.  Despite all those times he’s used troops for photo-ops, despite playing hoop in front of wounded warriors,  despite wearing a Marine t-shirt during the campaign,  OBummer is proving right now that he […]

FLASHBACK:  Sunday, June 13, 1971:  The NY Times [who else?] publishes the first of 15 excerpts and summaries of the “Pentagon Papers”. These were some 7000 secretly copied Above-Top-Secret analysis of America’s military decision-making and military policy during the Vietnam War.  The trusted guy who turned them over was former US Marine lieutenant and trusted […]