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It was untimely – just days before MLK Jr’s birthday – that a Black lawyer being interviewed live on radio – assumed the host who invited her was a white man,  – and promptly accused him of “White Privilege”. Then – because she’s a well-trained Democrat – she BLAMED the blunder on her staff. 2 […]

I found this to be both poignant and refreshing,  – a new face pushing back forcefully against the Left’s fake war on skin color and White Privilege.

Hillary Baits Hispanic Voters

January 12th, 2016

It was Democratic race-baiting in it’s most refined and subtlest form,  and it gave Hillary a chance to change her position on deportations before a sympathetic audience. Of course she knew the questions in advance!  Fusion moderator Jorge Ramos’s daughter works on Hillary’s campaign….  Remember, the American ‘media’ has morphed into the propaganda arm of […]

Is the University of Missouri campus steeped in Racism?  Or have students forgotten why they want a college degree…?  Hunger strikes, protests, and a football team which refuses to suit up…. Oh, and of course a US Senator with her 2¢….

There are folks in academia,  in the media,  and in government,  – liberals and über-liberals, – who have long held that America is an historically evil country,  and that our ‘evil’ has been driven by exploitative policies fueled by white Christian protestant racism.  These days they label it ‘white privilege‘.  The term is meant to […]