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Conan Meets President Trump

November 25th, 2019

Sic him on Shifty Adam Schiff Mister President…? 

A wonderful and frank joint press conference with President Trump and Bebe Netanyahu….and you know that somewhere the Israeli-hating former pResident was having an inner melt-down…. Watch the press go crazy as Trump departs after 27 minutes….

Canada’s Justin Trudeau – a confirmed left-wing libtards,  – comes to meet Donald Trump at the White House today. He’s been there before;  – he became good buddies with Obama.  Now he’s meeting an adult president….

“I just chose not to attend…” Harvard grad, – 12 years in the NFL, – father of 6 kids, – outspokenly pro-life and pro-family, and Super Bowl Champ;  – with the dignity and courage to turn down the obligatory White House visit over Obama’s blasphemous words to Planned Parenthood. Last month Obama ended his speech […]