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This is the Yale puke Adam Schiff and his minions are counting on to bring down Trump… ….and the fat girl who helped him….

Silenced nearly 17 years, NTSB Whistleblowers are about to break their silence with a new documentary.  Retired now, they claim the original ‘official cause’ of the explosion was false, – that there was a cover-up. Under the Clinton Administration,…gee,…could it be…? At the time a lot of folks tried to pin the blame on a […]

The downfall of the most arrogant president in US History. Of course it was going to happen, – the only question was when. Remember the old adage:  “Whom the Gods would destroy, – they shall first elevate!”  Benghazi was meant to guarantee Obama’s re-election.  Slowly, ever so slowly, – it is proving the undoing of […]