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China Joe sent his San Francisco Hoe to West Virginia to go on local TV and talk about how oil field workers and coal miners can be easily retrained for Green New Jobs.  Her real mission was to cause angst for Senator Joe Manchin, – so he’d vote for Biden’s economy-ruining bills… Kneepads quickly showed […]

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) says he’ll endorse Creepy Joe Biden.  It’s not ‘Politics’,  – it’s Strictly Business.  He’ll back the slimeball who won’t go after his price-gouging daughter. The former West Virginia Governor ran for Robert Byrd’s seat in 2010,  – claiming to be a pro-gun conservative Democrat.

“I cannot help you any more as a Democrat – the Democrats walked away from me!” West Virginia’s governor made his announcement at the Trump Rally in Huntington, WV tonight. short video:

How tough are Clean Elections….if you really want them? Maybe a lot easier in West Virginia than Chicago, NY City, Philly, and Baltimore?

Republicans take NOTE: At age 17 – she just beat an incumbent Republican! Saira was too young to vote for herself in Tuesday’s primary, – she’ll finish high school this  month – but she’s already finished the legislative career of Larry Kump. She faces a progressive democrat attorney in the general election.

Debbie’s Nightmares

May 20th, 2012

First a Texas convict, now a Chattanooga lawyer* – both embarrassing Obama by showing the disenchantment sweeping even liberal America. Two weeks ago Federal Inmate Keith Russell Judd took 41% of the West VA primary votes away from Obama.  This Tuesday, ultra-progressive Tennessee Lawyer John Wolfe, Jr. could do even better in Arkansas.  DNC Tasmanian […]