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Watch C-Span host squirm and then cut her off… The lady from Texas was nailing Obama’s hide and the Democrat Party to the wall…with the FACTS!

The Democratic Party’s ruthless War on Babies moves full speed ahead!  Gold-digging lying abortion champion Wendy Davis wins Texas gubernatorial primary. She used a rich 2nd husband to get through college and Harvard Law, – then the day his last tuition check cleared, – she abandoned him with two daughters [one an infant] to pursue a […]

Whom The Gods Would Destroy…

January 22nd, 2014

                    …they shall first elevate! Three rising political stars suddenly find themselves caught up in controversy, lies, and even criminal investigations.  It cuts across party lines.  Some may be essentially unfair, – some are self-inflicted.  The Court of Public Opinion can be much harsher than a jury of your peers…

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – the Fort Worth Democrat famous for her filibuster to block legislation outlawing late-term abortions – has announced her run to be the next Governor of Texas.  A clear case of beauty being only skin deep! I can only cringe at the thought of the number of babies who will be […]

How long does it take a Texas woman to decide to kill her baby? Apparently – 20 weeks of weighing options is not enough.  But they’ve found a new Princess of Death – State Senator Wendy Davis – who might ride this wave of baby-killing popularity right onto Hillary’s Ticket.