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Are DNA Tests In Order?

October 28th, 2016

Lots of kids grow up not knowing – or not for sure,  – who their daddies are.   Some care,  – others just know the parents raising them love them,  – and that’s enough. But certainly young Danny Williams is entitled to know.  Chelsea may not care;  – after all,  – she’s IN the Cartel.

I see a life-long liar,  – a likely killer of Vince Foster,  – and an eager co-conspirator in the deaths of dozens back in Arkansas [google: Arkancide].   I see an aging lesbian who let Webb Hubble father her child [partly in revenge on her serial-cheating husband], – with a growing drinking problem and other serious […]

Sometimes a question is just THERE  – staring you in the FACE!   War and (Arkansas) politics make…strange bedfellows…? After 8 long years of wondering who Obama’s real father is,…shouldn’t we get some DNA results before this goes any further? Gee,…do you suppose…Vince Foster took the fall…for Webb Hubbell…?