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No sooner does Crooked China Joe kill the pipeline (so his donor Warren Buffett can keep getting richer) – than Mother Nature bitch-slaps his weed-smoking Democrat voters in Colorado. It was the second time since Biden’s Executive Order that Mother Nature punished Denver.

There are three (3) important stories embedded in this short piece of video – from Hillary’s appearance in Omaha with Billionaire investor Warren Buffett…. This was the occasion when her campaign tried to convince the media that there was a ‘huge enthusiastic crowd’…..when it was just about 50 people,  mostly captive high school kids….

Damned tough to claim you’re “fighting for the Middle Class”,  – when the guy endorsing you is worth $63 BILLION! If a schemer like Warren Buffett fears Trump enough to back the Evil Shrew,  – you know the fat cats are now taking Donald seriously.   AND you can see that the Democrats are NO LONGER the […]

Globe’s FAKE NEWS STORY as pathetic as it gets;  – John Henry has just shouted “FIRE!” in a crowed theater… It’s been a worthless crock for decades;  – so bad a rag the New York Times sold it for just the real estate value to Boston’s MoonBat Red Sox owner John Henry.   Now Henry proves […]

The so-called ‘First Black President’ – Bill Clinton gets heckled by Black Lives Matter in Philadelphia.  Democrat chickens are coming home to roost… For 8 years under Bill Clinton and then 7 years under Obama,  the lives of Black Americans got no better.  Black unemployment got worse!  Obama made the issue even worse by conspicuously […]

She’s made up her mind;  – “Most voters are downright stupid!” “Screw American energy independence;  – screw those unions!”   There are way more Green Weenies about to vote than Construction Union hardhats.

What? You thought he was just a shrewd investor?  “GrandPa” has given $1,200,000,000+ to abortion groups, including $289,811,421 to Planned Parenthood! How many media outlets will report this? WHY does Warren Buffett hate American babies? How many were Black babies?

Remember when SecState Hillary Clinton first canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline – on ‘environmental grounds’?  That was back in Nov 2011.  She was ‘protecting’ the Ogallala Aquifer, – remember? Back then we told you that it WASN’T about protecting the aquifer, – it was about making Billionaire Democrat contributor Warren Buffet – RICHER!   Today […]

The consummate Queen of the Backroom Deal does Obama’s heavy lifting as Barack and friends hide behind her skirts, er,…her pantsuit. Claiming that there need to be more environmental studies about the threat to the Ogallala Aquifer, SecState Clinton has halted any further work on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Bear with me as I explain […]