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Rises in ANGER – to defend Megyn Kelly,  – a full-grown woman and network anchor?  Nothing sexist there…? By their spots you will know them.   DEMOCRATS are ALWAYS demanding that Republicans ‘apologize’ for some remark or imagined slight.  Their feelings are always being hurt…

WORST economy since Jimmy Carter, – 93,770,000 Americans NOT WORKING! “Fundamental Transformation” for over 1/3 of America’s workers. “War on Women”?  56,209,000 not working! (How many ‘made History’ when they voted for Obama?)  And YES, the Black jobless rate is over TWICE the White rate!  You think this is all ‘just happening’?

Hillary’s Mansions

August 7th, 2015

It’s truly sad how uninformed young people are, – and what crap they’ve been fed about “rich fat-cat Republicans”. Here they can see what all those ‘speaking fees’ purchased.  PLUS, daughter Chelsea has a new $10.5 Million apartment – a block long, – just off Madison Avenue.

Using Hillary Clinton

April 19th, 2015

Prostitution is legal in certain counties in Nevada,  and Dennis Hoff owns seven brothels – most famous of which is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, east of Carson City. And he’s found a way to use Hillary’s campaign to draw a little free advertising for his ladies….

For 20+ years Democrats have wailed about and campaigned on a so-called “GOP War on Women”. So,…WHO do they give the RED DRESS AWARD to…? What this is – is the start

The DCCC Thanksgiving CHEAT Sheet

November 27th, 2013

How stupid do Democrat Leaders think their voter base is? Stupid enough to need a CHEAT SHEET to talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Either in desperation – or realizing just how badly the Obama Cartel has screwed their socialist plans,  the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has fired off an email to all known Democrats.