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Suicide bomber at Brussels Zaventem Airport and in downtown subway station – death toll climbing as this is posted. Anybody really want to import more “Muslim refugees” to our country?  I think Trump has it EXACTLY right!

It is essentially a ploy for publicity and legitimacy in the world of competing terrorist groups. The Al-Nursa Front – which just occupied the disarmed strip of the Golan Heights and captured 45 peacekeepers from Fiji – will try them under Sharia Law,…unless of course three key demands are met. So what are Allah’s aspiring […]

Parts of this propaganda video are boring, other parts sickening. ISIS shows off it’s sophistication in tactics, it’s no-quarter rules of engagement, and it’s use of modern technology. CAUTION: Parts are GRUESOME!! This should scare you, – because while Obama may try to keep Americans out of this war, ISIS has entirely different ideas. Should […]