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How many times were you told in school “NEVER invest money you can’t afford to lose”? Today,  and in recent days,  – and likely again tomorrow,  – shrewd investors are scooping up bargains as the timid are selling in panic,  – over a virus that so far has killed LESS than 20 people – all […]

This lifelong liar, – this box-checking fake Cherokee, – continues to sell her shtick that we are all “victims” (of Wall Street bankers…?) – while she takes donations from Wall Street bankers, – and does the bidding of George Soros. As a bought-and-paid-for US Senator – she’s little more than Soros’ private whore.  And we’re […]

Her go off reservation,  – go to Big City, – drink’um Potomac Water,  – sit in Big Teepee with White Chiefs,  – get’um greedy for Wall Street Wampum. Her speak with forked tongue – make’um bad treaty with Evil Queen….leave tribe with buffalo dung. Tribe heap mad.

God Bless the Old Commie, – he’s made Hillary reveal her TRUE COLORS! Hillary went to the New School in Bill de Blasio’s NY City today to deliver her ‘Economic Plan’.  It consists of bashing Wall Street – and blaming Republicans.

   Mind-boggling hypocrisy! Elizabeth Warren takes BIG $$ from liberal NYC high society cocktail-party DemocRATS! Committed communists, socialists, one-world dreamers, Wall Street fat cats, abortionists, and a collection of rakes and whores, – all gathered last Wednesday to be seen by each other – and write big checks for Harvard professor Eliz ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren. […]

Barney Frank Dropping Trou?

June 25th, 2010

There are times when a single picture captures the essence of a subject – or a person’s character. Here’s Barney Frank and Chris Dodd – BOTH who should be in a federal prison – emerging from an all-night joint committee meeting to hammer out a new Obamatrosity – a bill to “regulate”  [blackmail]  Wall Street.  […]

You dodged a bullet today – did you see it go by?  Did you hear it?