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90-minute video:  

Vice President Mike Pence’s acceptance speech at historic Fort McHenry,  – scene of the historic battle that began on Tuesday, 13 September 1814,  – could not have been more on target and more perfect. President Trump and Melania joined him when it was over. 2 videos:

Some Snarly Aspen Lesbians

December 30th, 2017

Is being ‘Gay’ a condition or a cause?    Some young ‘ladies’ in Aspen went to considerable trouble to make a statement to Vice President Mike Pence as he spent the New Year weekend there. They had a banner made – and draped it at the entrance to his driveway. What was their ‘need’ to […]

Protesting NFL players just managed to piss off their #2 Fan Family…taking a knee during the National Anthem at the Colts-49ers game today. Nothing like being in-your-face about claiming your petty and imagined grievances with police are more important than showing respect for our Flag and our War Dead.

Good Son vs Stupid Son

May 28th, 2017

While none of us can guarantee how our kids will turn out, – the quality of the parents and the values learned by example at home go a long way to predicting outcomes. Linwood Kaine has been charged with two misdemeanors for participating in a violent anti-Trump riot in St. Paul.

“…the Era of Strategic Patience is OVER!” The FIRST STOP in his first Asian visit,…and Vice President Mike Pence displays a maturity and resolve we’ve been missing since 20 Jan 2009.  Joint Press Conference below the fold:

Another Historic First!

January 27th, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence addresses the Women’s March for Life! Video below the fold: