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UPDATED:  Sunday 3:55 pm   With NEW FACTS! UPDATE:   Sat 9 June 2018    Gloucester RTC dumps Ploss It was a graciously hosted Candidate’s Night in Georgetown,  – a nice room,  food and beverage available,  – and local Republicans eager to hear the two candidates for State Committeewoman. Everything began agreeably,…but then it got weird. […]

Correction! Maginn DID Vote!

November 28th, 2011

He voted in Belmont – 5 times in 2010! Whew! This is a correction I’m very pleased to write. According to Town Clerk Ellen O’Brien Cushman, – Maginn registered to vote in Belmont when he renewed his drivers license – 14 Sept 2009. Somehow the system failed to remove him from the Cambridge voter rolls [not […]


November 26th, 2011

Scott Brown and Charlie Baker may now feel a tad foolish after endorsing Bob Maginn.    He FAILED to V-O-T-E for them! Once again a little due diligence proves terribly embarrassing to a part-time Republicrat. A trip to the City of Cambridge Elections Division shows that Bob’s wife voted in 2010,… … but he DIDN’T! Oops!