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This 78-year old lifetime Democrat is not stupid, – he has a Master’s from the University of Alabama. He’s just been an overseer on the Black Voter Plantation so long that to him Black lives…don’t matter…. video:

There are three (3) important stories embedded in this short piece of video – from Hillary’s appearance in Omaha with Billionaire investor Warren Buffett…. This was the occasion when her campaign tried to convince the media that there was a ‘huge enthusiastic crowd’…..when it was just about 50 people,  mostly captive high school kids….

Forty-eight years of struggle to close America’s racial divide – ruined by America’s “First Black President” – who has mostly ignored the economic plight of inner-city Blacks – unless he was fanning the flames…. It has all been so entirely predictable….

Maria Chappelle-Nadal has sat in the Missouri Legislature for the past 10 years – 6 as a State Rep, these past 4 as a State Senator. She is one of just 9 Democrats in the 34-member body. Her recent racist tweet has caught national attention, since Ferguson is in her district.