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A DOJ Swamp Creature RESIGNS!

November 10th, 2020

Richard C. Pilger has spent 20+ years ‘investigating’ election crimes.  Today his true self was revealed – when he quit in a very public huff! This self-righteous pillar of moral decency was offended when AG Bill Barr told the DOJ and FBI to see if there had been widespread and / or coordinated election fraud to […]

Just paint ’em blue and sign ’em up – they’re ready to vote for the Party of Slavery! They can even walk to the polls in any kind of weather….see video

For over 100 years,  Democrats have been mastering the fine art of controlling both who votes – and which ballots get counted.  Suddenly – Hillary Clinton sees a problem? In several recent speeches she’s attacked Republicans – including Governors Gary Abbott in Texas and Chris Christie in New Jersey – accusing them of denying voting opportunity […]

…and these people vote! 

In the USA. This video made me very sad. It is harrowing to watch, and to realize that this happened in our country. That brave men, exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment, were able to regain control over a government intent on stealing elections, is heartening. I would do this for my family. Would […]

James O’Keefe proves the DEAD can vote in New Hampshire!

HOLD THE PHONE!!  Judge, don’t pack up quite yet!  Waukesha County was rechecking votes – they just found Brookfield’s ballots – you just went ahead by 7,582!  Ms. Kloppenburg, Ma’am, don’t quit your day job just yet. UPDATE:  Wednesday,  2:21 pm CDT –   A Winner! ?  Kloppenburg 50% [slim 204 vote lead] 740,090 over Prosser 50% 739,886 with 100% of precincts now reporting.  Looks […]

Watch as the Mayor of Worcester decries the complaints of pollwatchers as a racist event. He dismisses their conclusions and attacks them and their motives. Without proof or citation to support his claims. He contends that since they lost by a large margin they shouldn’t complain. I guess voter fraud is OK if you commit […]

B R E A K I N G     S T O R Y Tea Party Patriot reports – Tsongas crew doing a late-nite “decorating job” at a school / polling site in Chelmsford.  Pat McCarthy – [profiled a week ago] – 40-year lifetime Lowell Democrat was caught ‘red handed’ placing Tsongas signs on the school grounds.   […]


October 30th, 2010

Take note of this number. Write it down. Put it in your wallet, pocketbook, purse, handbag, or manpurse. Whatever. Make sure it’s with you on 11/2 when you go to vote. (You ARE going to vote, aren’t you?) What is it? It’s the US Department of Justice number to report voting irregularities, fraud, election rigging, […]