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Back in January they weren’t even subtle about their vote-buying, – they were flat-out promising a $2,000.oo check for Warnock votes.  He won. Now of course House Democrats are backtracking, – ~ maybe ~ $1,400, – or maybe just a Debit Card…. Funny how EACH election cycle the race hustlers like Stacey Abrams can find […]

Simple math, – you can’t promise fools a load of ‘FREE STUFF’ – without taxing the crap out of productive working people, – and she’s totally shameless about it. With her millions made [and safely tucked away in tax shelters],  she’s ready to ‘invest’ in paid family leave and debt-free tuition, – and the ever-popular […]

Where’s Niki Pelosi Tsongas?  She’s in Washington DC,  called back into session by bosom buddy Nancy Pelosi – to pass another $26 Billion [$26,000,000,000.oo] “Stimulus” bill – allegedly to “save 160 teacher jobs”.    Are you dumb enough to buy that?  They think you are! Do the math:  $26 Billion ÷ 160,000 teachers = $162,500 […]

$$$$   Who’s Buying Drinks For Martha?   $$$$ There was a little party for Martha down in DC this afternoon, You and I weren’t invited, – it cost $1,000.oo  just to get in.  But almost everybody there was paying for the BIG ticket – $10,000.oo.  It’s a trendy little wine café called Sonoma on Pennsylvania Avenue not […]