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There were rumblings – even earthquakes in 2020;   then shortly after Biden was sworn in,  the eruptions began.  Biden is a Global Warming believer – because Bernie and AOC told him so,  – but Mother Nature (aka God) has different ideas. Watch the videos – see if you can calculate how many windmills and solar […]

Europe’s most active volcano – a Stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily,  – was so happy that the Traitor John Kerry resigned the Paris Accords – that she erupted in joy! With Texas suffering a once-in-a-hundred years sub-Zero blizzard, – and Mount Etna belching hot ash and dust into the atmosphere,  the sheer folly […]

If you bought a Prius – (or other electric car) to save the Planet, – the Planet has spoken yet again.  Your money was wasted! You can’t control ANYTHING! White Island – 20 miles off the northern coast of New Zealand, – has erupted,  – killing at least 5 tourists,  maybe more,  – and filling […]

You know them,…they drive Prii – and they’re saving Mother Earth…

The Bounce Rebounded: Minus 17%

February 13th, 2010

Obama’s approval dropping like a rock after the State of the Union bounce: Can you just imagine the conversations going on this weekend in the snow-bound White House?  “Where are we going wrong?”  “Who do we throw into the volcano?”  “How can we make Obama look like Scott Brown?”  “Excuse me Mister President, it’s Mister […]