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It was a damn close committee vote – considering that Dems outnumber Republicans in the Virginia Senate 21–19. But in the Judiciary Committee, the 15 members split,  – and 4 Dems joined the 6 Republicans (Patriots) to shelve House Bill 961 until the 2021 session.  Had it passed (Baby-Killer Northam would have signed it),  – […]

Whatever happens between now and sunrise Tuesday,  trust the Media to get it wrong and then report it with their preconceived anti-gun slant. At issue is the basic definition of what is a FREE MAN;  – are we the armed equals of our Government servants,  – or are we expected to be subservient to our rulers?

Previews 2014 Dem Playbook!  There is a special election on January 21st for an empty seat in the Virginia State Senate – and a truly nasty MoonBat Democrat is running a terrible TV ad. It’s the old “Are you still beating your wife?” play.   It’s despicable – but it shows just how low Democrats will […]