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They’re beginning to see Biden’s weakness.  But if not the utterly reliable and totally programmable Village Idiot,  who are they willing to stand with? He used to think he was among friends.  Will he last until the October Debates?

His greatest claim to fame is being such a well-known idiot that he kept Obama alive for 8 years…. Ask Joe about his Ukrainian and Chinese deals….

In their Race to Replace Trump,  mainstream Dems seem to be picking Loose-Lips Biden over Arm Flapping Sanders… They feel safer with their Village Idiot than Vermont’s World Socialist…?  Maybe Biden is the only name the Dems recognize….?   17 months to go…..

Much of what Marines do is unseen,  unheralded,  boring,  and thankless.  Then come those moments which call for special training,  poise,  and courageous self-control… …like when the National Village Idiot gets a participation award,…and cries….

A New Low For Joe Biden

September 24th, 2012

Now even his wife’s remarks take on a cheap dirty innuendo… Is this the level we’ve let our government sink to? Remember – this was an Obama-Biden friendly crowd! Longer, more painful version:

Think Local – Tax Global

March 30th, 2012

Our National Village Idiot has an idea!  Anybody surprised that it involves yet another tax? Even when Democrats appear to ~ mean well ~ their only tool is yet another tax. Hey Joe, why do you ~ suppose ~ that factory was moved overseas in the first place?

“Lovable Joe Biden” – Vice President of the United States, – or as I usually refer to him – our National Village Idiot: – why are Democrats suddenly concerned about him?    Could it be that they want to DUMP Obama? Many of them must already be thinking about special prosecutors, grand juries, and sworn statements?  […]

Biden Kowtows To Red Chinese

August 24th, 2011

   Our Village Idiot is a most willing clown. America’s #2 Public Humiliation – Vice President Joe Biden – flew to China to reassure them that ~ somehow ~ we’ll tax enough billionaires to ~ someday ~ pay back all the money they’ve lent us. The Chinese used this willing fool to full advantage.  He […]

Imagine the utter irony of running for and winning a US Senate seat, [Obama’s former seat BTW] only to be ‘sworn in’ by our National Village Idiot.  “Place your right hand on the Bible…” Senator Mark Kirk, (R) Illinois  So how about a quick do-over?