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At dawn on 8 February 1904,  the Japanese Fleet under Admiral Togo Heihachiro sailed into Port Arthur Russia, – leveled their guns, – and sunk the Russian Pacific Fleet at anchor. It was a sneak attack without a declaration of war.  In under two years they were the undisputed winner. It taught them a bad […]

His entire career – a collection of lies built upon lies, treason upon treason. I want to live long enough to piss on this traitor’s grave!

What They’ve Endured

December 8th, 2013

As our Greatest Generation – those self-effacing heroes of WWII busy themselves with making their final river crossing,…I spent some time this weekend trying to grasp all that they’ve lived through.   Depression, avoidable wars, inept and failed national leadership, erosion of American Greatness, …and now our first truly un-American and anti-American president.  It doesn’t […]

God’s Own Lunatics

July 30th, 2010

Our Primary Election is just 46 days away, the General Election is just 94 days away.  Before we lose this wonderful free country, let’s pause to remember a free country we did manage to lose – by listening to the cowards on the left.

Here is PROOF that there are Democrats even dumber than those who sent our own Niki Tsongas to Congress from the Mass 5th.  

In ancient Greece, a General or Admiral, or even a troublesome philosopher would sometimes spend his last minutes being forced to drink hemlock.  This most often happened upon losing a battle, but sometimes the ruling class would see a threat in a successful general, and find an excuse – “disloyalty” – to end his existence.  No sense […]

When I first heard this I was at a TEA Party in Lowell.  I couldn’t believe it.  The US Navy – OUR US Navy – has decided to name a still-to-be-built amphibious transport after career scumbag Penn Congressman John Murtha – who served briefly in Vietnam – and retired as a Colonel from the Marine […]

Murtha – Always A Windbag Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha died today at age 77.  He represented the PA 12th District.   His gall bladder saved him from an embarrassing re-election defeat,  and saved the voters of the 12th from any further embarrassment.   Remember in ’08 when he called them – his own voters –  racists?   I’ll shed no […]

Translation: “I am just so important!! I get to question a 4-Star General!! I will read a series of prepared statements to McChrystal [who will listen with stony resolve while clenching his toes under the desk] and ask some prepared questions which I don’t fully understand. I won’t understand his answers – but I’ll be seen on C-SPAN.”

This morning God won. Sergeant First Class James Gary Witt, US Army Retired, took off on his final mission as an Airborne Pathfinder.