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“Pro-Russian rebels fired missiles at them early Friday” Right! And WHERE do ‘rebels’ in eastern Ukraine get missiles? Anybody remember when newly-elected pResident Obama canceled our missile defense treaty with the Ukraine?

Lifetime liar uses unsecure phone, – gets taped by the Russians, – and they put it on you-tube. Her ONLY qualification for high office was her willingness to be Hillary’s Spokes-Liar.  Now she’s making the kind of grave blunders which end up getting people killed. What’d she do? (Russian video below the fold) 

A move so brazenly grotesque and dumb that only John Kerry could make it! Just days after the beheading of Drummer Rigby, – Stockholm still burning, – and Hillary’s personal liar Victoria Nuland is being promoted to AsstSecState for Europe and Eurasian Affairs. How is anybody expected to teach Ethics in Government with a straight […]

Hillary’s Happy New Year

December 30th, 2012

Hill and Bill vacation in Punta Cana, DomRep; – what ‘concussion‘? But she’s too sick to testify about the Benghazi Massacre? BREAKING:  She’s not in in Punta Cana? She in NY Prespyterian – with a blood clot?