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White House Doctor Admiral Ronny Jackson – who has served 3 presidents,  – has withdrawn his name to run the Veteran’s Administration.  The left-wing smear campaign,  – aided and abetted by the left-wing media (even Fox) – worked. The powerful and utterly corrupt 700,000-member AFGE will continue to brutalize sick and elderly veterans – at […]

If ever a guy had an opportunity to do one hell of a job – it was Doctor Shulkin.  He had already served 19 months as under-secretary during the final years of the Obama administration,  – then Trump gave him a shot to clean up the Department.  It should have been easy,  – he knows where […]

Trump’s VA Secretary David Shulkin has acted – admittedly on a Boston Globe report,  – and removed two career slugs from control of the Manchester VA Hospital.  It’s a good beginning. Now how about some criminal prosecutions?

Why Did Bob McDonald Tell A Lie?

February 24th, 2015

When the TRUTH was perfectly acceptable,  another Obama Cabinet Secretary has told a lie;…because everybody wants to be a Green Beret?  Wasn’t being a West Point grad,  and an Airborne Ranger Captain in the 82nd Airborne enough glory? It is a sad phenomena we soldiers see repeated over and over again,  – people claiming to […]

How many veterans had to die – to make this tin-horn pResident act?

At least Custer died with his men!  Shinseki’s men are dying on waiting lists – and he still calls the VA “a good system”? As an old soldier – a combat veteran myself – I am thoroughly ashamed that my Army produced a 4-star general as spineless, weaselly, and inept as Shinseki. He is easily […]