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As if ‘Help’ from Putin wasn’t enough,  China is suddenly offering to help rebuild Maduro’s neglected power grid and water infrastructure. All he wants is what Putin wants – air bases and naval bases,  – in our backyard!  It’s a Chess Game – and our media is oblivious – consumed in their Trump Derangement….

The night the lights went out in Caracas – Maduro blamed US Senator Marco Rubio….  He must think his people are children…. Maduro’s Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez told the people that “right-wing forces in the US were waging Electronic Warfare against the Maduro Government”.  Senator Marco Rubio responded…. UPDATE: Night 2, Night 3:

Venezuela Burning This Weekend

February 24th, 2019

With a convoy of relief food just across the bridge in Columbia, Dictator Maduro has ordered Venezuelan Police and Soldiers to keep the people away, – even if it means shooting them…. When Democrats talk about RED FLAG laws and outlawing those scary ‘ASSAULT WEAPONS’ – remember why we have our 2nd Amendment. 2 videos:

Bernie Sanders Praises Food Lines

February 22nd, 2019

Somebody dug up a piece of vintage Bernie circa 1988 – in which he praises countries that have food lines. Do you expect him – 30 years later – to admit he was wrong…?  2 videos:

President’s Day:  Trump addresses an audience of Venezuelan and Cuban refugees,  and promises that this country will never become socialist. “When the people of Venezuela are free,  – when Cuba is free,  – when Nicaragua is free, – this will be the FIRST FREE Hemisphere in all of Human History!”

The next National Hero in Venezuela will be the General who can get Maduro and his family safely to the airport and see him fly out of the country…. The BIG QUESTION IS:  which country wants him? video:

At RRB we’re guessing that neither Ocasio-Cortez (the Bronx) or Bernie Sanders (Vermont) have ever been reduced to scrounging through garbage looking for food.   We doubt they’ve ever been tear gassed….. What do they have to say now that Venezuela has become a failed Socialist State?  And will Senator Squaw still campaign for her Billionaire’s […]

Pray Tonight For Venezuela!

January 23rd, 2019

Tonight Venezuela has two Presidents;  – the Socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro,  – and President of their Nation Assembly – Juan Guaidó, – who today swore himself in as President. The United States has already recognized Guaidó;  perhaps the Russians,  the Chinese,  or the Cubans can get Maduro out with his hide…for a price. Remember Democrats, […]

Putin sends two Tu-160M2 Blackjack bombers to lurk in Venezuela, – much like Nikita did with his missiles in Cuba in October 1962. Has Putin miscalculated Trump’s resolve the same way Khrushchev misjudged Jack Kennedy?