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Was Sotomayor’s refusal to take up the plea from the NYC Teachers a sign of personal laziness,  – or a signal the Court doesn’t want to be stuck playing doctor? De Blasio seems free to continue ruling by decree…

As with all things Baker,  – his malfunctioning / crashing vaccination website is just the tip of the iceberg. Somebody thought it would be a great idea to buy the website software from PrepMod,  – a so-called “non-profit” company run by a Black female CEO in Maryland….

Charlie’s website isn’t working any better than Obama’s was back in 2013. Hey Charlie,  Massachusetts is home to MIT and a dozen other leading colleges that teach Computer Science and Web Design.   You couldn’t find a competent web designer and a competent web hosting company?   Who’s going to get fired? And BTW,  – when does […]

Scary!!   Listen as the dementia patient confuses thousands with millions with billions.  Do you really believe this career Kleptocrat got 81,268,924 popular votes,  – 7 million more than Trump?

By Executive Order Americans will get the various Coronavirus vaccines before they are shipped to other nations. By contrast,  Biden had been promising to start sharing millions of doses before all of our own citizens were protected.

Moderna says their Covid vaccine is 94.5% effective. Will NY Governor Andrew Cuomo still want to play stubborn Sicilian,  – or will he accept these medical findings? New Yorkers are SO very screwed!