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You can hardly open a website these days without seeing the ugly face of John Kingston, – who suddenly wants to be a US Senator. Problem is, – he’s a Mitt Romney RiNO running in the wrong party,  – he’s much more DemoCrap than Republican.

D-E-A-T-H To Their Aging Queen!

February 25th, 2018

It’s a RACE WAR she helped fuel,  – but like all liberals,  – she was unable to foresee the end result.  The California Democrat Party has changed in recent years,  – it’s now the Mexicrat Party,  – and they want a Mexican Senator. So they’ve voted to back State Senator (Communist) Kevin De León – […]

She was once mentioned as a possible future Vice President,….and Democrats are thrilled to have such a young liberal Senator…. Lately she’s been complaining publicly that Trump is being mean to her.   How delicate is this snowflake…?

It was a simple amendment – offered by Ted Cruz,  – but 9 Republicans joined the Senate Democrats in defeating it – 57 to 43. Their reasons differ widely – they are NOT all the same.

Sort of like asking for peace….as the missiles are in re-entry… Let’s see what he’s says on TV come Sunday Morning.

The strangle-hold of the Teacher Unions on FULL display! Fifty (50) of the very worst ‘senators’ that union dues can buy!

How About The US Senate Tom?

February 6th, 2017

Eric K. Fanning may be a patriot,  and an effective manager;  – maybe even a very nice person.  But THIS old soldier doesn’t want an openly gay SecArmy shoved down my Army’s throat – or up my Army’s ass! Obama’s nomination is an unnecessary disruptive disservice to our Nation,  – to our Army,  – and […]

Makes zero effort to conceal his real agenda! Any doubts how he’ll vote in the US Senate – if elected? UPDATE:   Wed 20 June 2018    True colors revealed!