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Few men in my lifetime have done more to sully the US Senate,  defile our Constitution,  and abuse Honest Americans than this treasonous Nevada crook.  Know that any and all who sing his praises today are either utter historic fools,  – or are as corrupt and dirty as he was.

In 2016, first-term US Senator Kelly Ayotte made what she thought was a politically astute and principled decision to be VERY publicly offended by the Billy Bush tape.  She turned her back on Candidate Trump.   It was a childish decision;  – and Ayotte ended up losing her own re-election race by 1,017 votes. Now she […]

RRB is posting as a (dubious) public service,  – because we’re sure if you started watching it last night,  – you promptly fell asleep. Markey is pure political scum – like the ring around an old bathtub you cannot scour away.  Kevin O’Connor tries to be a gentleman, – not realizing he’s in a cage […]

It’s Judge Amy Coney Barrett!

September 26th, 2020

Democrats are writhing in agony.   Their hatred for our Constitution and for unborn children will spill out of your TV sets and into our streets.

Camelot Dies An Ignominious Death

September 1st, 2020

The 60-year mystique of the invincible Kennedy name died today in MassHole.  Voters picked their aging do-nothing over the upstart presidential wannabe,  – by a crushing 10-point margin. Chevy Chase Eddie (Maryland’s 3rd US Senator) can smile tonight,  – he’s looking forward to another 6 years of doing nothing on the Government Payroll,  – and […]

For the record – the debate was this evening – Tues 18 Feb 2020. Markey has always been a worthless turd;  – but then,  – just how badly does our nation need a fourth drunken whore-mongering Senator Kennedy in Washington?  Hasn’t that accursed clan already done enough damage to our Republic?

The so-called Senate Trial went late – until nearly 2 AM,  as Democrats attempted to add 11 Amendments to the Rules.  Each was defeated.  Slowly a new household name emerges. 2 short enjoyable videos:

Just weeks before her unplanned trip to the old Dyke Bridge over Pocha Pond,  Boston lawyer Liss-Riordan drops out of the US Senate Democrat Primary race. Timing is everything where the Kennedy clan is concerned. How long before Chevy Chase Eddie has a tragic auto accident on his way to campaign in Newton? 

USMCA Ratified 89 : 10

January 16th, 2020

It seems 9 Democraps and Bernie the commie aren’t interested in better trade with our neighbors….