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Too many things smell badly about this one,  – a helicopter carrier in for repairs and upgrades,  – suddenly burning…?  An explosion…? Has the US Navy forgotten how to fight shipboard fires,  – or are there other issues,  – like AA/EEO and badly under-qualified leaders aboard.  We’ll await the findings!

What could these suicidal Shiite Twelvers hope to gain going up against a modern American destroyer –  with speedboats? How about a sunken destroyer,  captured signal equipment and computers,  salvaged missiles,  – and 380 prisoners [hostages] including many women?  Could it happen?  EASY!

YES! Shane Osborn For US Senate!

February 11th, 2014

Mike Johanns is retiring after just one term,  Shane is a super candidate to fill that seat! If you don’t remember,  Shane’s EP3 was on a routine mission off the South China coast when a known Chinese hotdog pilot started to buzz his plane. That ended badly for the Chinese hotdog [fish food], – but […]

More Obama Enviro-Fraud

December 14th, 2011

Enviro-fanatic . . . or Enviro-Fraud? Would you buy gasoline at $16/gal [4 x times going price]?  You are – for the US Navy! Solazyme of South San Francisco announced a contract for 450,000 gallons of bio-fuel – reprocessed animal fats to be used in Navy jets, helicopters, and surface ships.  Besides paying 4 times too […]