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Unions Exert Muscle… and win!

November 16th, 2012

Well, they won… and then lost everything.  They exerted their muscle over Hostess and shut Hostess down.  For good. It’s a shame.  Their all-powerful union just played a game of brinksmanship and they all lost their jobs.  Does anyone wonder if the union bosses will lose their pay, or even a night’s sleep over this? […]

  “Gimme 10 planes a month – with overtime – or else!”   When push comes to shove – the Obama Cartel does both. Boeing has made a $2 Billion investment in a second production line for their new 787 Dreamliner – in right-to-work South Carolina. Suddenly Obama’s NLRB says they can’t build airplanes there. […]

These are the teachers of your children. These are the government employees that “help” you when you need it. These are the so-called working Americans. Yes, that’s right boys and girls, these are the law breakers taking the Wisconsin capitol hostage.  They showed their disdain for the laws by breaking through the security barriers.  Breaking […]

Doctor and Teacher Fraud

February 20th, 2011

Watch the video below… look for instances of: On the part of the doctor; 1. Conspiracy to commit fraud (falsifying medical documents) 2. Committing fraud (generating false medical documents) On the part of the teacher (someone entrusted to teach our children); 1. Using fraudulent documents to take government funds (using false medical documents to continue […]

John Gage – onetime Baltimore Orioles – Federal employee since 1974, and President of the largest [ 600.000 Federal and DC employees] public sector labor union,  the AFGE – explains how he feels about folks like you who want to cut spending and balance the Federal Budget. Pretty huh?  John can be reached at:

“It’s all about the kids.  They’re our future!”  You hear that from every school union leader coast-to-coast.  “We care about your kids, our members always go above and beyond”.   Oh yeah?  California is the giant tip of our national iceberg.  The state is bankrupt, overrun with illegals [think there could be a connection?] almost totally […]

Hello Americans, – we’re living in trying times! No sooner did avowed communist “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones resign, than President Arrogant Obama appoints yet another Czar. This one is another Valerie Jarrett Chicago associate – Ronald W. Bloom – who used to work with her back at Lazard Freres & Co. – the Chicago […]