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I remember fondly the teachers from my youth,  – men who had fought across North Africa,  up Sicily and Italy,  and into Nazi France – all the way to the Elbe.  Others has served in the Pacific, – landed on dozens of beaches,  sailed thousands of ships – and ended up walking the bombed-out streets […]

We keep seeing reports on various news outlets – teachers who ‘are scared’ or worse – refusing to return to the classroom when their various governors and mayors allow schools to reopen. Some say they “…won’t return until it’s safe!” Really?

Have we just wasted 243 years and 1,300,000 American Patriots?   Did we fight a revolution to be FREE from a tyrannical king,  – to now have our high school children march to Washington and DEMAND tyranny? A fitting tribute to the job Union Teachers in our Public Schools have done in dumbing down two […]

Somewhere near half your relatives and townspeople have been exhibiting insanity – some for over a year.  They wanted either a socialist throwback,  a sociopathic liar,  or a dynasty RiNO as our next President. And none of them have ever even read,  – much less studied,  – our Constitution.   It’s time for YOU to step […]

Bernie Sanders: The Red Ranter

February 9th, 2016

It’s as if Lenin and Trotsky never left us….. America’s greatest weakness today is a generation of historical vacuous young voters with no clue what evil is being foisted upon them.  They’re absolutely certain they have all the answers,  – as Bernie Sanders [and to some extent Hillary Clinton] –  play to their arrogance…..

You can thank union teachers for these mindless fools…. Short video below the fold – PLEASE – nothing in your mouth or hands….

Simple Math:  2014 – 1938 = 76 bloody years! Ask any young adult under age 50:  “What is the Sudetenland?  What happened there in 1938?” If they can’t give you an informed answer, – then you’ll understand why they’re shrugging at Obama’s miserable handling of the Ukrainian/Crimean crisis; i.e. why they have no clue that […]

Democrats Flunk Spelling

October 22nd, 2012

Surely throwing more money at Union Teachers can correct this?

For 40+ years your left-wing union-controlled teachers have been dumbing down your kids – to the point that they are incapable of paying attention to politics or world events – or their own future.  They have succeeded:

Union teachers and leftist school administrators are rejoicing this morning! Obama is about to take the pressure to produce off their necks. Remember the Bush initiative ‘No Child Left Behind’?  It was the plan for nationwide standardized testing to insure that struggling and at-risk kids were spotted early and given immediate extra help. It quickly […]