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It seems that unlike 2008 and 2012,  voters in 2019 have wised up and are getting their news from sources other than the Democrat’s Propaganda Ministry…. So Joe Biden had a rough evening in Milford, NH! Multiple people entered his rally to confront this serial liar. “Don’t touch kids you pervert!”. VIDEO:

Be a damned shame if you Trump-lovers spread this around…

Democrats hate Rudy because he’s been busy – digging into the money-laundering and kickback connections Obama,  Biden,  and Hillary had with the former corrupt Ukrainian regimes. Younger Americans have forgotten how Giuliani made his bones;  – as a US Attorney putting Wall Street crooks Ivan Boesky, Michael Milkin,  – and Mafia dons from the Lucchese, […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Counting Her Rats

December 15th, 2019

435 Members – 4 vacancies = 431 ÷ 2 = 216 Pelosi has 233 Rats plus the back-stabber Amash;  so she ~ should ~ have a comfortable 234 votes. Can 18 Democrats remember enough common sense and Patriotism to vote against impeachment? Do all 234 Dems really believe Trump has committed offenses which rise to […]

Joe’s road to to the 2020 DNC Convention in Milwaukee is getting bumpier by the day.   At a mini-rally in San Antonio he gets confronted by a man in the crowd who knows all about Biden and his crack-smoking son…  He suddenly has that Deer-in-the-Headlights look….not very ‘presidential’… It is a beautiful moment in American […]

He pushes Dems to the brink, – demanding a list of seven (7) witnesses be allowed to testify before Nadler’s Judiciary Committee….   Dems are immediately OUTRAGED,  – claiming that one of those names is their cherished “whistleblower”. So figure it out…   As of Sat evening you can still view the 5-min video here: “…people […]

As Trump held a massive MAGA rally in Hershey, PA,  – California MoonBat Karen Bass (West Los Angeles) was interviewed by TMZ – and promised that should Trump be reelected next November, Democrats would impeach him AGAIN!  It seems Ms. Bass – and most of her DummyCrap colleagues in the House,  have never completely read […]

He is a staff attorney for Congressional Republicans,  and he makes a clear case outlining the impeachment frenzy that has been happening since Trump was elected 3 years ago. 25 minutes well worth your time.

Biden got a softball interview from NPR,…and blew it! “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest.  Nobody warned me about that.  They should have told me.” He’s the “Great White Hope” of the Democrap Party – the best they’ve got…?

Meanwhile at an Iowa meeting with likely caucus voters,  Biden was his usual graceless self when questioned by an informed citizen: VIDEO: