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What Did You Learn About Babi Yar?

September 30th, 2016

Back in school did you learn what it is,  – where,  – or what was happening there 75 short years ago? School teachers and Democrats don’t want you to know about Babi Yar,  – or the thousand other places like it,…because it would thwart their efforts to outlaw guns and overturn our 2nd Amendment.

“Pro-Russian rebels fired missiles at them early Friday” Right! And WHERE do ‘rebels’ in eastern Ukraine get missiles? Anybody remember when newly-elected pResident Obama canceled our missile defense treaty with the Ukraine?

Hey Lurch, you’re 17 months into the job you always wanted. How’s it coming? Making a lot of foreign policy? Signing a lot of peace treaties? Soothing world trouble spots? Bringing peace to troubled regions? Rescuing hostages from terrorists?

If a Biden is involved, – you just know it’s dirty. The Ukraine is broke, and being invaded by Russia – allegedly over the “protection of Russian Nationals”, – and natural gas. Young Son of Plugs has found a way to line his pockets. Hunter Biden is now on the Board of Directors of Burisma […]

As he outbluffs and outmaneuvers Obama and Kerry, you just know that Putin is having a ball embarrassing and humiliating them. When we should have been strong – they were weak; – then they weakened us further. Where we should be sending troops – a lot of them – we’re cutting our military and sending […]

…a mission so craven and loathsome even John Kerry couldn’t be trusted to pull it off! Vice President Joe Biden is in the Ukraine – to reassure that besieged nation that America has their back.  It’s totally not true!  Obama will sell them down the river the first time Putin barks. Hell, Obama doesn’t even […]

Obama Betrays NATO & Ukraine

April 16th, 2014

A solemn promise was made – Obama is breaking it with a shrug! In 1990 – the newly free Ukraine vowed not to build, hold, or use nuclear weapons.  WE guaranteed to protect them from nuclear nations [i.e. Russia]. 

You know that somewhere Hillary is laughing her ass off! Hey Lurch,  – try tapping that ‘RESET’ button!

“Relax Arseniy,  Putin’s not stealing your Crimea – he’s just reorganizing it.” Obama the Socialist Wimp has just allowed the world order to change.  No former ally will trust us – at least until we have a Republican president; – as around the world bad actors are already planning their next moves.   Is THIS the […]

The pResident of the once-powerful United States will host the acting Ukrainian Prime Minister – Arseniy Yatsenyuk, this Thursday. For a normal American President – it would be terribly awkward – to tell his guest that the USA is powerless to stop Putin’s land grab. But for Obama – it will be the moment his […]