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As promised, O’Keefe has more!   It seems like Twitter is looking at and storing almost everything you send,  – and selling some of it. Bad enough when Government comes snooping into your letters and files,  – now Social Media is doing it – and for PROFIT – and maybe blackmail…?  And the 4th Amendment […]

Damn,…with a tease like this from O’Keefe,…I can’t wait!

Another James O’Keefe undercover video (8 min) suggest that left-leaning engineers at Twitter are eagerly violating Trump’s IV Amendment right of privacy. Are these self-important engineers working with Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Presidency?

CJ Pearson Proves Obama A Coward

September 24th, 2015

Just Imagine:   You’ve got the Pope of Rome and the President of China visiting – simultaneously. Together they represent nearly 3 BILLION PEOPLE.  | But your fight of the day – actually overnight, – was to block a 13-year old critic from your Twitter feed?    Then you have a staff puke deny it? Totally […]

 Every dictator needs a willing Propaganda Minister. Obama just promoted Jesse Lee. As Czar – or Commissar of Progressive Media & Online Response – Jesse’s new job is to tamp down unfavorable tweets and rumors on Twitter.

Left-Wing Hatred On Parade

January 12th, 2011

CAUTION, this is a collection of Twitter postings – very very hateful and disgusting – but it shows the kind of pure hatred coming from the left wing of America.