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He’ a $300 Million Know-it-All.   Nine years ago he was appointed by Obama to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee.   Now he wants to video Capitalists being shot. The problem with his ilk making and getting away with such a vile tweet is that it lends legitimacy to would-be violent communist revolutionaries amongst us.

As promised, O’Keefe has more!   It seems like Twitter is looking at and storing almost everything you send,  – and selling some of it. Bad enough when Government comes snooping into your letters and files,  – now Social Media is doing it – and for PROFIT – and maybe blackmail…?  And the 4th Amendment […]

Damn,…with a tease like this from O’Keefe,…I can’t wait!

Another James O’Keefe undercover video (8 min) suggest that left-leaning engineers at Twitter are eagerly violating Trump’s IV Amendment right of privacy. Are these self-important engineers working with Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Presidency?

CJ Pearson Proves Obama A Coward

September 24th, 2015

Just Imagine:   You’ve got the Pope of Rome and the President of China visiting – simultaneously. Together they represent nearly 3 BILLION PEOPLE.  | But your fight of the day – actually overnight, – was to block a 13-year old critic from your Twitter feed?    Then you have a staff puke deny it? Totally […]

 Every dictator needs a willing Propaganda Minister. Obama just promoted Jesse Lee. As Czar – or Commissar of Progressive Media & Online Response – Jesse’s new job is to tamp down unfavorable tweets and rumors on Twitter.

Left-Wing Hatred On Parade

January 12th, 2011

CAUTION, this is a collection of Twitter postings – very very hateful and disgusting – but it shows the kind of pure hatred coming from the left wing of America.