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On TV and on Twitter,  Party Chair Barbie,  – the dismal failure MassGOP Chair,  – can’t stop bashing Trump? Is Hillary paying her to regurgitate the DNC lies? She was on Fox-25 Boston last night – thrilled that the New Hampshire senate race is between two women.  She seems to be a single-issue feminazi….

I can think of few in Congress with as well-earned reputation for smugness and as lengthy history of anti-American statements.  McGovern may be in a class[less] all by himself. Today he stood on the corpse of Bobby Kennedy,  and with the blood of Orlando barely dried,…tried to link the two – and blame GUNS.

Is she a Twitter nobody – or a true danger to the Pearson family? A self-described left-wing [“to the left of the Dems/libs”] black woman issued a series of threatening tweets to 12-year old CJ Pearson and his family.  Now if an adult white woman had threatened a black child….

Really Obama? Rashad Hussain?

February 19th, 2015

If Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. appoints Rashad Hussain to head America’s new “Counterterrorism Messaging Center”,…should we be amused,  concerned, or downright suspicious? Mind you, this guy – with Muslim Brotherhood ties – has been part of Obama’s White House inner Circle of Trusted Muslims since 2009…. The Muslim Brotherhood has been carefully erasing his footprints […]