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This is a tale about poor judgment and reflexive Democrat blame-casting.   And you’d never know the tawdry truth from the media.   So give Turtleboy Sports the credit for breaking yet another Democrat scandal.  Updated 7 June: 

I was wondering what was taking so long….   But we have a Friday Night announcement – two troubled Mass State Police officers have decided to take “Early Retirement”. Major Susan Anderson and LtCol Dan Risteen will now be available as school guards in the private sector.  Both were involved in “ScrubGate” – where two […]

Liberals on Beacon Hill will barely notice.  When a cop is murdered, – we all die a little.  But our liberal judges and left-wing politicians keep treating violent career criminals as ‘victims of an uncaring society’. Every state needs at a minimum to reinstate the DEATH PENALTY for shooting or stabbing cops,  firemen,  corrections officers,  […]