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If you ~ thought ~ you understood the ongoing war in Syria, – you probably didn’t.   Almost every day now a new wrinkle is revealed, – and there ain’t none of them pretty. Within days of Turkey downing a Russian Su-24,  – and ‘rebels’ on the ground killing the Russian pilot,….’somebody’ [Russian jets?] bombed a […]

It couldn’t happen to more deserving would-be Muslim Caliph!   Voters on Sunday rejected his request for more one-man control of government. America, Israel, and the Middle East need to beware; – a rebuffed Caliph can be a vengeful and vindictive bastard. He’ll need to find a bogeyman – and deflect attention.  Our air bases […]

Obama’s Syrian Problems

June 14th, 2013

1. He doesn’t understand the issues or the players. 2. He’s afraid to act [He’s a pussy!].  3. He really doesn’t care….    4. He can’t blame Bush!  5. He’s afraid of what Putin might do…. He can’t ‘lead from behind’ without allies ready to lead from the front. He can’t ‘fix’ this problem the way he […]

The young folks of Turkey have been really pissed lately – at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s obvious attempts to dial his nation back a few centuries – and make it the seat again of a Muslim caliphate.  So Obama – who aided the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeovers of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now […]