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Doctor Siegel interviewed Trump Friday,  – it aired last night on Tucker Carlson.  The President looks well-rested,  calm,  and ready to continue the fight. Meanwhile,  no network is asking Biden about his mental health,  what drugs he’s taking,  – or about who he would name to the Supreme Court. video:

He’s not Dartmouth’s proudest offering;  secretly writing vile rants on anonymous internet chat rooms for years,  – while researching and writing for Tucker Carlson as his day job. Can’t imagine who might hire him now.  Joe Biden maybe?  The left-wing media will try to paint Tucker with his sickness,  but Blake is just a sick,  […]

We’ve been saying this for over 10 years on RRB,  – but it will help the disbelievers to hear it from another voice. Your local Democrat is in league with Pelosi and those Mexican Drug Cartels.  Which foreign enemy will they help conquer us – the Muslims or the Mexicans?

Friday nite Tucker highlighted how badly Democrat hypocrites (sorry – redundant words) are reacting to Trump’s idea of bussing hordes of arriving illegals into liberal sanctuary cities.  He mentioned the Beacon Hill area of Boston in particular – John Kerry’s home. One might ~ think ~ that Tucker has been reading RRB.  Six minutes of […]

As we Republicans have been telling you for well over a YEAR,  – the whole “Russian Collusion” investigation by the FBI / DOJ / Special Counsel Mueller – was and is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD! The only question left for Americans to figure out is:  “Should the guilty treasonous bastards who are behind this fraud do […]

Tucker,…you’ve done it now.  This left-wing libturd’s head will swell up and explode! Watch Tucker question Eldridge as he never gets questioned here in Marxachusetts!

It seems some people wake up,  – others never do. The media is unlikely to discuss this interview much….but you should listen (just 5 minutes) – and be refreshed!