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Friday nite Tucker highlighted how badly Democrat hypocrites (sorry – redundant words) are reacting to Trump’s idea of bussing hordes of arriving illegals into liberal sanctuary cities.  He mentioned the Beacon Hill area of Boston in particular – John Kerry’s home. One might ~ think ~ that Tucker has been reading RRB.  Six minutes of […]

As we Republicans have been telling you for well over a YEAR,  – the whole “Russian Collusion” investigation by the FBI / DOJ / Special Counsel Mueller – was and is an ABSOLUTE FRAUD! The only question left for Americans to figure out is:  “Should the guilty treasonous bastards who are behind this fraud do […]

Tucker,…you’ve done it now.  This left-wing libturd’s head will swell up and explode! Watch Tucker question Eldridge as he never gets questioned here in Marxachusetts!

It seems some people wake up,  – others never do. The media is unlikely to discuss this interview much….but you should listen (just 5 minutes) – and be refreshed!