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Thank You God!   Good riddance to America’s 3rd stupidest Congressvermin. Let’s see how fast JamieBoy Eldridge flings his pussyhat into the ring! Tsongas never – not even for one day – came close to being the legislator her late husband was,  – but she traded shamelessly on his name recognition.  She never even got a […]

The Massachusetts 3rd CD is ‘represented’ (no, not really) by a pathetic excuse for a “lawyer”,  – a left-over 1960s anti-war hippy girl who’s managed to make a living on her dead husband’s name,  – and his senate pension,  – and his social security. Her only real skill is posing for photo-ops,  and she ALWAYS […]

Oh the IRONY!!   Tsilent Tsongas – the haughty elitist über-liberal socialist from the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District – worries about what we’ve written about her. For background read the Sept 13th entry below… Today – 50 days before the election – she’s worried about what bloggers are saying?  BUT,  for seven (7) long years […]

Niki Tsongas: Lying Elitist Fraud

September 13th, 2014

America’s Third (3rd) Stupidest Congresswoman send her supporters an insulting email question, – and reveals how hollow and inept she is! Tsilent Tsongas has been a Pelosi Sock Puppet and Obama Cheerleader for seven (7) years. Elected solely on name identity with her dead husband – she’d failed to do her most basic homework. She […]

For the first time in 6½ years – Tsilent Tsongas is facing a REAL challenger – an accomplished young professional woman – who actually earned a living – and who knows the issues. Listen and learn why voters in the Mass 3rd CD no longer have to settle for Photo-Op Tsongas – a Pelosi Sock Puppet! Click on the […]