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The Propaganda Ministry hates his guts,  but to get viewers (ratings) they were forced to cover Trump all weekend,  – sucking the oxygen out of Biden’s campaign. They found ways to be critical of every aspect of Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis,  – his weight,  and how he was receiving a level of treatment “not available” to […]

Not yet sworn in,  good things already happening…. Watch the left try to spin this!

The assembled cadets are the young adults who will do America’s heavy lifting in the years to come.   Think they’re glad it won’t be under Hillary? Watch the difference between their reaction after 3 years of Obama – to the 2017 Army-Navy Game:

Yesterday a casual joke by Trump quickly became the DEMOCRAT PARTY’S STORY-OF-THE-DAY,  as Democrats ignored their own two (2) email scandals, – and accused Trump of espionage and treason.  Their Pavlovian media played right along. I don’t think even Trump – a master showman – could have guessed they were that stupid or tone-deaf.  Or,….that […]

As this horrible violence spreads, there are going to be a lot of wimps and cupcakes looking for their ‘safe spaces’ to hide in…. R-U-N cupcakes!                                              Hat Tip: Panther 6

Chicago ’68 Welcomes Trump

March 12th, 2016

If it all happened before you were born, – you have absolutely no clue how left-wing politicians and race-baiters stirred up hatreds, fomented and seemed to endorse and sanction Black violence, and how they used it for their political gains in 1968. Last night in Chicago – and Black Lives Matter proved that those […]