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Trump is holding MAGA rallies around the country faster than Bernie can think of new government giveaways! Amazing!  In liberal Colorado over 20,000 people came to Colorado Springs hoping to get in, – but the Broadmoor World Arena can only hold 8,000.   video: 

Over 11,700 people – with thousands more outside unable to get in.  More than attended ALL of the various Socialist and Democrat rallies statewide – combined! Tomorrow the former Democrat Party will continue their self-destruction (the NH Primary),  – cheered on by the left-wing media.

“The Eagle Has Landed!”

November 2nd, 2019

2 more videos: 

20,000 inside – 30,000 outside….AntiFA didn’t show up! Rally Video and Photos below the fold: 

The President came to Rio Rancho – a suburb of Albuquerque, – to reassure Patriots in this Democrat riddled state that they are really part of the majority. We suspect that their MoonBat governor Grisham stayed home – sulking.  VIDEO: 

Dan vs Dan: Here Comes Trump!

August 25th, 2019

It’s a clear indicator of how much Trump still resents the RiNO traitor Paul Ryan’s betrayal of Republican and Conservative values. UPDATE: He’s coming to Fayetteville, North Carolina Sept 9th to hold a rally for Republican Dan Bishop!

People waited outside the SNHU Arena for 2 days to see him….and a handful came to protest. The arena officially holds 11,770.  Enjoy the videos:

Until the moment when they’ve placed their swords to your throat,  – Muslims always pretend they are the victimized….

“I cannot help you any more as a Democrat – the Democrats walked away from me!” West Virginia’s governor made his announcement at the Trump Rally in Huntington, WV tonight. short video:

The crowd scenes you are never shown by the Media,  – so they don’t have to show you Hillary’s tiny ‘gatherings’… Again he promises SPECIAL PROSECUTOR! Crowd roars! 2-hour video below the fold – Trump comes in at 1:16