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Printed off TOP SECRET documents and mailed them to a news outlet (NBC). Admitted she knew they were classified,  – knew that it was against the law. You know the Propaganda Ministry will turn her into the next Daniel Ellsberg. UPDATE:  Thurs 5 Oct 2017  US Magistrate Brian Epps ruled against bail for Ms. Winner […]

Did we tell Hitler when and where we were landing on D-Day? With just 2 days on the job as SecDef, Ashton Carter is off to a terrible start, – if there is ~ any ~ truth to the leaked plan to retake Mosul in northern Iraq in April or May, – before the beginning […]

Brace For Obama’s Revenge

September 20th, 2013

He’s had several really bad weeks.  The House just voted to defund his living legacy – ObamaCare… The war he wanted in Syria is now egg on his face…  Putin is looking like the bold new World Leader he wanted to be. There are no new jobs,  and the Artic is covered with more ice […]

Russian troops on US Soil? Because…Napolitano doesn’t trust ours? Ever heard of the US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group?  Didn’t make the news much here.  We went to the Russian news services.

A little tedious but here is proof that in 2008 Nancy Pelosi “certified” that BHO Jr. was “legally qualified to serve”.  This shows that she did so because Hawaii election officials – having looked in vain for his long-form birth certificate, refused to do so.  Essentially she was pre-empting any questions or dispute. 

Now The GLOBE Chimes In

July 3rd, 2010

With the fate of Representative Democracy, Individual Freedom, and Free Enterprise hanging in the balance, we wait to see how many of the 60 Socialist Senators will commit treason by voting for this massive fraud of a “health care” bill. Our Founding Fathers would have had these men and women tried and shot or hung. The very least we can do is make their remaining days obnoxiously uncomfortable, – then vote their treasonous asses OUT!