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He just signed an Executive Order creating a “Transition Team” to assist the incoming administration. Does the timing seem a tad early?   What does he know? And just a day later – John Kerry’s State Dept “can’t find” any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails… Gosh!

Just 10 Days To First Oops?

November 15th, 2014

Charlie Baker’s Transition Team suffers first casualty; – Globe collects first scalp! Suffolk Univ Law Professor Richard L. Taylor may be a great guy, and a great manager. But in picking him for his transition team, Charlie overlooked a basic management step himself; – running a background check. So of course the Globe

I’m sure the so-called ‘Republican front-runner’ is counting on you to have forgotten his collaboration with the enemy. Yep, that was 2006, and Mister “Together We Can” had just beaten Muffy for the corner office.  Who steps up to ‘help the transition’ – but Mister Liberal Himself – Charlie Baker. Was he helping Deval Patrick, […]